Tecnologías Masturbatorias


Ana Guzman

Ana studied philosophy and interdisciplinary artistic research and production. She has collaborated in some academic projects on the digital humanities and philosophy of technology. She also studied dramaturgy of actions at Laboratorio de Artes Escénicas “Jerzy Grotowski”, México. Her interests are around disciplined bodies, technologies of desire, aesthetics of the digital and performative/representative mechanisms. Based in Berlin.

Ethel Rueda

Ethel studied philosophy and a bit of spanish literature. She has written for academic and feminist outlets and participated in projects that intertwine technology, philosophy and feminism. Sometimes she also writes about movies (won the 2015 Jurado Joven of the MICGénero film festival). She likes to think about academic institutions, sex, technology, and the specific ways they relate. Movie and all-things-queer nerd. Based in Mexico City.

The internet of dildos is watching you


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