2 August, 2017

About us

Tecnologías Masturbatorias aims to create spaces that produce a junction, a mixture, a crash, between philosophical discourses and erotic practices, between specialized theory and personal experiences, between the abstract and the flesh, and the concreteness of desire.

Technology is not round off with the description of objects, machines, devices and prosthesis. Our point of departure is the dislocation of the limits between nature and technology. We do not oppose the technological to the original. We inquire into the intersection of discourses, matter, (dis)functions, connections and reactions.

We want to think about pleasure, sex, bodies and their materials – latex, silicone, leathers -, their phallic, vulvar, anal and manual forms, and their organs, prostheses, chemicals, drugs, hormones and fluids. We want to think the biological genitals at the same level as the plastic ones.

Masturbatory technologies are the scenario in which we test multiple strategies for the production and reproduction of desire. We are looking for practices that do not reduce our erotic experiences to some of our organs. By stalking the erotic encounters between machines and bodies, we plead for a redistribution of desire. We want to take critique into our own (plastic) hands, vibrators and dildos.

How can we talk about the multiple edges that conform sexuality? How are we to approach to that diverse and ungraspable thing that sex is? We are interested in experimenting with discourses as much as with practices, to rehearse approaches; we want to acknowledge the pleasure of theory, that is embedded in our skin, we want to think with the body.