28 October, 2017


Tecnologías Masturbatorias ft. María Torres



Technodildonics is an online exhibition curated by Janet40 for The Wrong Biennale. All of the artists were invited to rethink the possibilities of sex toys.

Visit the exhibition here: http://technodildonics.net


TM + Technodildonics

the matter

Dildo wants to be thought. It wants to be declared, materialized, it longs for being imagined, modeled, trans-formed. Dildo desires, therefore it is. To speak the desire of the object it is necessary to produce heterogeneous codes, to spill the viscous mixture where signification lies. That the concepts do not retain what has always been fluid. To write about the dildo, it is necessary to merge thought and the object that now appears as wanting. We want to open up this text to be touch. We are inviting everyone to erotize the surfaces where a concrete but vibrant semantic lies. A collective masturbatory exercise is the technology in which we put the questions that occur in this form, time and space.

the form

Tecnologías Masturbatorias joins Technodildonics in an exercise to produce new paths for affections, for concepts and objects. This collaboration is about a constant mix with those exteriorities that constitute us: the (other) bodies, the (other) languages, the (other) sensibilities. We give to the debate what is our own: our ideas, our words, our bodies; what has never belonged to us. So it can become more ours as a result of being foreign.

time and space

For the next three months, we will do an exercise exploring the languages by which desire is coded. We will be writing about dildos, masturbatory practices, machines and bodies. The texts delivered during the course of this exhibition will be intervened by María Torres’ commentaries, as well as some other guests, and anyone interested in soaking the field where we introduce our desires. We focus on keeping track of what collective masturbatory practices can and will be. This is our contribution to the utopia of a digital erotica.

the technology

Each text can be commented, annotated and criticized through the platform Genius. Genius is a text annotation tool that enables collaborative practices of knowledge production. The use of Genius will allow us not only to establish a dialogue, but to keep

texts in constant process of modification, so that their elaboration does not end with our words. The intervention begins with two posts, followed by monthly installments in

November, December and January. You can find the texts by following the link to the Tecnologías Masturbatorias website; commenting is very simple, just highlight the part you would like to comment, click on the “Annotate” button that appears just after the text selection, finally this button displays a section of comments that works exactly the same as any comment section of a Blog.